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Share something you hope to learn or accomplish during the conference.

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I would like to find new and inexpensive ideas to engage students using technology 
Small dd78216cca204dfa0fcb4979098e1293 phslibrarian About 1 year ago


How do I up my diversity game?
Small f29f5377514edca0b98877ae9b78a200 dmokuau About 1 year ago

Amanda Jones

Can’t wait to hear from super Librarian Amanda Jones!!
Small bde3b471 f5b1 49ce 8883 4b819ec5517d kim-howell About 1 year ago

Get some resources to use

Small aeca817fb18ac7b59793a8268766c01d stacywren About 1 year ago

Learn more about future ready librarian

Small b7e09770 102b 44e6 b058 6664e95081bd skeeling About 1 year ago

Meet people

Authors and attendees
Small 8789e9445b723978af087e804c8953da eposanka About 1 year ago

I hope to network with some great school librarians!

Small d4b15b2d e608 46c0 907e e3e6ab2a9762 ekyser About 1 year ago


I hope to meet new authors!
Small d8cca30985d4e13e1dba9c84f4acffbc aallison About 1 year ago

Hoping to learn more about standards.

Small ec31c3b3e8f13b961032c574b1469ec8 ssmith About 1 year ago

I’d love to meet the author Rafael Lopez!!!

Small 349891a6dcf6c66ab2ce19d17f0bbd83 kajadee About 1 year ago


New ways to incorporate technology
Small unnamed jenireeder About 1 year ago

More about Digital Breakout activities

Small unnamed brynnrabinowitz About 1 year ago