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Share something you hope to learn or accomplish during the conference.

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Attend a general session with fellow librarians from around the country!

I especially enjoyed the opening session with the parade of states (colleagues from all over!) and Ellen Oh was amazing too! 
Small 10714439 10205402511408752 2277624884071646639 o jdellinger Over 1 year ago

I want to see what authors say about the books they write.

I am hoping to get to hear or speak with authors that my students are reading.  I'd like to hear about their inspirations, their writing processes, and anything they have to say so that I can help connect my students to books!
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Small unnamed martha-hickson Over 1 year ago

Disinformation and misinformation instead of FakeNews @anniecp we should consider renaming and using visual resources as well!

Small unnamed debragottsleben Over 1 year ago

Connect with other librarians

i want to meet librarians and connect via social media 
Small unnamed corey-hall Over 1 year ago

Meet cool authors and see what’s new in books

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Small 233018c0baec19ed2a0e3cce21c50428 mford86 Over 1 year ago

Add more amazing school school librarians and leaders to my PLN.

I hope to collaborate in order to add more librarians and leaders to my PLN through learning and processing together. 
Small cmd 9275 1  1 cristinmdillard Over 1 year ago

Discover ways to enhance my library collection with a limited budget.

My middle school is in an inner city. Most of the  books in my collection are dated, or in some state of disrepair. I need to be able to weed the collection without the resulting trauma of having virtually no books on my shelves.

How do I find the funds, connections, etc to build my collection???

Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri Over 1 year ago

Present with AUPresses committee.

Small ac991821bb8a55f4a65678d5816006bb drjonesvictoria Over 1 year ago

Connecting STEM to library

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Small photo mitzi-mack Over 1 year ago

I hoped to network with fellow librarians and expand my knowledge of my field. I met two librarians from Vermont and Wyoming!

Small image loopy_louanne Over 1 year ago

Traveling with colleague but also wanted to pursue my own things too🙂

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Small 3aaf1450 2cd4 4dba 9f49 0573eeca2ea8 elliottlibrary1 Over 1 year ago