What are Open Badges?

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    Open Badges are visual, shareable representations of important skills and achievements.
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    Topic-Focused Resumes
    Open Badges are earned by building a portfolio of evidence that is verified by trusted badge awarders.
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    A Common Language of Learning
    Open Badges communicate expertise and learning progress to all of the stakeholders in a learning ecosystem.
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    Learning Pathways
    Open Badges can be linked together to provide step-by-step guidance towards academic and professional goals.
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How are people using Badge List today?

Hundreds of organizations around the world are using Badge List every day to track and recognize learning achievements. The Badge List platform can be used in a multitude of different scenarios. Here are some of the most common.
  • Tracking Professional Development
    Professional development organizations create badges to track specific course work and represent professional credentials. Digital badges are easier to share and track than traditional paper certifications. Each badge is backed by a portfolio of evidence that makes it easier for employers to verify.
  • Guiding and Recognizing K12 Student Achievement
    Teachers create badges linked to specific class work and related to skills and competencies. Earning badges is fun for students and provides valuable insight for parents. Class-level badges can be linked to school-level badges to establish learning pathways between grades.
  • Leading University and College Students to Success
    Professors create badges that are linked to course and project work. Administrators create badges representing department and employer-focused achievements. Badges can be linked together into learning pathways, providing a clear roadmap to success.
  • Optimizing the Hiring Process
    Groups of companies create professional badge networks focused on professional skill areas. Students and professionals earn badges by creating portfolios of relevant work. Badges provide detailed insight to employers and unlock professional opportunities for job seekers.
  • Engaging Conference Attendees
    Presenters and conference organizers create badges to recognize skills and achievements at the conference. Digital badges give the attendees a way to share their achievements in online profiles like LinkedIn and to get credit with their employers. Conference organizers gain useful metrics and a new channel for continuing engagement between conferences.

What our customers are saying

  • We joined Badge List in 2014 after researching and interviewing every other badge platform we could locate. We chose Badge List because they were willing to partner in development with us and tailor a system to meet our needs and the needs of our professional development community.
  • We like that Badge List is finding ways to unite ePortfolios and digital badging. These two assessment practices complement each other well to support thriving communities of practice for learners. The portfolio framework for curating the evidence to earn a badge matched our vision for what Competency X should provide our scholars.
  • The team at Badge List are wonderfully helpful. Their platform interface is intuitive and we are particularly appreciative of their support for maintaining and managing many different forms of submitted evidence. The ease by which members of the community may display their earned badges on blogs and social media via the Badge List platform is also worthy of note.
  • My favorite thing about Badge List is their commitment to bringing digital badges to the K-12 community. They are willing to learn alongside their customers and have made some amazing revisions that make the platform super attractive to both classroom and professional learners.
  • Badge List makes it easy to celebrate students' and teachers' skill-based accomplishments! Others can learn from experts already awarded the badge, building a strong learning community.

Badge List Pricing

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    Free Groups are completely free forever. Everything is public.
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    Paid Groups offer privacy controls and advanced features like reporting and integration. Plans start at $5 per month.
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    K12 educators receive special discounts. Additional student privacy features are available.
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