• Badges represent skills and achievements
  • Evidence and expert endorsement are at the core of each badge.
  • Badges are easy to share on social networks and blogs
  • Badges are building blocks for thriving online communities

How does it work?


Build a badge

Screenshot build a badge 950076c66d5c86393469833d75af32deb0f63fea19dd0dae8457af878b29acd9 Use Badge List's built-in badge designer or upload your own design.

Collect evidence

Screenshot collect evidence a84c714b60fd27aaab1bd9cb8e2a0fb00cc0b17193891330263659d452de73de Badge seekers submit evidence in one of five supported formats.

Award & display

Screenshot badge profile 2eaa532836c3b7c296eae1d193060fe45d751a42959ab17fbbc066caa05c0c4e Awarded badges appear on your Badge List profile and are easy to share online.

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