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Share something you hope to learn or accomplish during the conference.

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I hope to walk away with innovate ideas and a plan for improvement.

I hope to make  plan for improvement based on what I learn. I also want to walk away with ideas and resources I can use to kickstart collaboration with content area teachers. 
Small 1ec5c3ce58859c004dd79f86ee4c83e2 kelli92 About 1 year ago

I would love to find other K-8 librarians to collaborate with!

Small 732abd9b 98e8 4c4e aa19 1a723f84af22 riley2008 About 1 year ago

Learn marketing strategies for our school library to get community shareholder's invested.

C4e5c5f9beab41f8b087c6a02cc124b4?s=50&d=mm awschwartz About 1 year ago

I would like to get a couple of autographs from some of the fabulous authors present.

Small fc1872d69aebc5a081173c70affd4a7f wyes About 1 year ago

3rd goal

My third goal is to get lots of author autographs and find new books that I can take back for my students to enjoy. 
Small made with code holidayemoji cburks16 About 1 year ago

I want to learn the best way to help students own being good digital citizens so that I don’t feel I am only “preaching” at them.

Small 097562e7 8af0 47c1 a607 59cf630cbd30 pittalum About 1 year ago

I want to hear about how other elementary librarians inspire students to read.

Small photo deborah-apel About 1 year ago

Excited to see vendors to review books connecting with new science and social studies standards.

Small 3f8eea91 25e8 4e31 8740 8747291867cc tjdodson About 1 year ago

Create lesson plans, content area collaboration.

Small efbc5c892a7c21bfea547985b3f409eb zann123 About 1 year ago

My goal is to learn more about being the best school librarian I can be.

Small 8648 lfrondorf About 1 year ago

Collaboration with those from my county and put our new ideas from the conference in action.

Small eb5a8dcc7ee038818412a1526644886a gentryr About 1 year ago

I would like to learn about inquiry projects that use technology as the tool for learning.

Small unnamed sarah-ohair About 1 year ago