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Please list the following: (1.) your full name as it appears on your HL7 FHIR Foundation membership, (2.) your email address as it appears on your HL7 FHIR Foundation membership, (3.) the date in which your joined the HL7 FHIR Foundation.

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FHIR Foundation Subscription

Martin Tran

Subscription to FHIR Foundation
10/05/2017 - 10/04/2018

Small c870dcb04ecffc3ad9d820375b2b6e46 mtran Almost 3 years ago

Didi Davis, Director Testing Programs The Sequoia Project

Blanca "Didi" Davis
Small didi 20davis 201 didi_davis Almost 3 years ago

Imad Nijim 10/9/2017

Imad Nijim
Small d29d51d63bbc82889dad7651c917adb5 inijim Almost 3 years ago

HL7 FHIR Foundation Evidence

Chuck Feltner
Small e0810bdb3e01ac0be31154d4f8256a38 cfeltner Almost 3 years ago

Lisa Erickson - FHIR Foundation Badge evidence

Lisa Erickson
October 05, 2017
Small bb5695b7a8bc98d3231253449cd8fff4 lisafhir Almost 3 years ago

Josep Vilalta - Marzo

Josep Vilalta - Marzo
Small josepvilalta2 jvilalta Almost 3 years ago

Bryn Rhodes 10/5/2017

Small photo bryn-rhodes Almost 3 years ago

1. Reuben Daniels 2. 3. 1 October 2017

Small 290c59ebd28321803d9d93e6790d02f1 reubendaniels Almost 3 years ago

Robert Hausam 2017-10-03

Robert Hausam
Small dc646f90daea9bc629b3edea019578ea rhausam Almost 3 years ago


1) Yunwei Wang
3) 9/12/2017
Small bd1e20df2d7444dec17e75ecfdcc8848 yunwei About 3 years ago

FHIR Membership Badge Evidence

Laura Mitter,, I am not a member so I do not have a date. 
Small 35e52cce55d6cdfe7809d490496f3676 colormist About 3 years ago