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Describe how the lesson differed from doing the same thing offline, including a reflection on any accessibility hurdles you encountered.

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Students more invested

Since the students were using a etextbook I adapted to make interactive to apply what they were using as they answered the open book quiz questions - students were able to apply what they were learning first hand right away.
Small img 0002 mrslemmo Over 2 years ago

Students became more creative with their tools and felt comfortable reaching out to companies.

Students were able to work on the presentation simultaneously. Changing the format allowed students to feel comfortable integrating other tools like syncing screenshots to Google drive and uploading images. In addition, students reached out to companies via email to get additional company information. Some students with IEPs had the opportunity to create a poster. In retrospect, I would encourage them to do an infographic instead.
Small photo jessica-sphar About 3 years ago


The previous year this lesson was completed mostly through lectures by me and showing the class these activities on the smartboard. There was very little engagement, and while I thought the resources were cool, they did not resonate with the students. 
Now that we have devices, we are able to have stations where students can access each step individually and interact more seamlessly. I did have issues initially with Google Doc sharing, especially since I wanted to have students digitally manipulate the review on Day 2, but this was solved through Google Classroom Assignment sharing which made a copy of the Doc for each student and still gave me access to their work. 
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