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Let's try something new... How about a wholly online assignment in your LMS or SIS? Digital literacy, here we come.


Jessica Sphar


Awarded badge on August 20, 2017

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Digital literacy and lesson mastery

Simultaneous presentation work, purposeful technology integration, and IEP considerations rolled into one. Looks like your students got to sharpen their digital literacy skills and learn the required material at the same time. Terrific BlendEd example!
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Students became more creative with their tools and felt comfortable reaching out to companies.

Students were able to work on the presentation simultaneously. Changing the format allowed students to feel comfortable integrating other tools like syncing screenshots to Google drive and uploading images. In addition, students reached out to companies via email to get additional company information. Some students with IEPs had the opportunity to create a poster. In retrospect, I would encourage them to do an infographic instead.