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Let's try something new... How about a wholly online assignment in your LMS or SIS? Digital literacy, here we come.


Emily Kress


Awarded badge on August 4, 2017

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Really impressed with your work here Emily. The lesson in #hyperdocs looks great and your reflection will help other teachers. Thanks!

Small headshot 20image emily-kress About 3 years ago

A fun lesson and good example of overcoming obstacles

Thanks for sharing the "why" in your evidence, Emily. The student engagement contrast between the old way and the new way is exactly why those with BlendEd aspirations should consider stepping outside of comfort zones. Love that you were able to overcome your sharing concern with the tools available in your LMS. You are a true aficionado.
Small headshot 20image emily-kress About 3 years ago

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The previous year this lesson was completed mostly through lectures by me and showing the class these activities on the smartboard. There was very little engagement, and while I thought the resources were cool, they did not resonate with the students. 
Now that we have devices, we are able to have stations where students can access each step individually and interact more seamlessly. I did have issues initially with Google Doc sharing, especially since I wanted to have students digitally manipulate the review on Day 2, but this was solved through Google Classroom Assignment sharing which made a copy of the Doc for each student and still gave me access to their work.