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Share a couple of presenting tips.

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Inspire future conference presenters by sharing a tip or two for presenting at the CUE 2016 National Conference.

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Presentation Tips

Use looping GIFs so people can see the tiny moves that make big changes possible.

Use Mousepose to enhance this effect ($10 from the App Store)
Small e2c01253640ce9d8d09a9cd42f876762 mrhovey Almost 5 years ago

My tips for presenters

Keep the lecture short, get participants up and moving in the first 20 minutes.
Have a back up plan when the internet goes down.
Make sure participants leave with something they have created, they love that!
Small image raefearing Almost 5 years ago

Survey the group at the start so you know your audience. Post your presentation URL & contact info at the beginning and the end.

Small img 1049 kathyamelton Almost 5 years ago

It's all about the write up.

The one thing that really helps the CUE screeners is making sure your abstract of your session is reasonable and matches something that can easily be attained in the time frame of your session.
Small 10805607 10203895800329276 7986148388078575907 n greggeilers Almost 5 years ago

Be intentional Be purposeful Share

Social media is a way to model and teach our future respect, collaboration, and sharing ideas in a collaborative LMS. Schoology!
Small oneword ahall Almost 5 years ago


-How can tech empower students?
-Working with digital natives and digital citizens.
-Love sketchnotes by Syliva
-DoInk App ($2.99 must have)
-Touchcast App (free)
-Vapps (video apps-didn't know)
“If you don't know whose it is,it isn't yours." (pictures)
Small img 1944 mdaniel1008 Almost 5 years ago

Come prepared with dongles, and have your presentation downloaded as a PDF or off-line access...just in case!

Be prepared for wifi to go out, or other technology not to work. Have a back-up plan so you're not stuck without your presentation. Download a copy as a PDF, just in case. Use to easily shorten links for others to access your resources. Using Google Slides, share your slides with your attendees (use a link) and hyperlink resources within the presentation for easy access. 
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Almost 5 years ago

Practice, practice, practice! Have an offline copy of your slides

Small 003ac0e5eee1e817de95449a928c562b willkimbley Almost 5 years ago

Have fun and be open to new ideas that attendees may have.

I'm excited to present to share but also to learn from those attending my session!
Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Almost 5 years ago

Let them play!

As a Tech TOSA, part of my job is to do a lot of training and professional development.  I have started to incorporate as much play into that PD as possible.  Diane Ackerman said, "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." I agree.  I believe that a hands-on, engaging and interactive training is one of the best ways to get teachers to explore new technology.  I often encourage my teachers to push buttons...our students do, so let's not be afraid to try new things. When we play, we are really just disguising our learning.  Explore how you can inspire others to play, learn, and then share something new!  Good luck!
Small image annkozma723 Almost 5 years ago

Presentation Tips

Enjoy the session! Interact with audience! Answer questions! Allow enough time at the end for more Q&A session! Just have fun!! Its all about sharing the learning and the journey! :)
Small mari  20 1 mhernandezmh Almost 5 years ago

Presenting Tips

  • Teach something that you are passionate about
  • Enjoy the process
  • Make a list and check it twice
  • Be flexible
  • Make sure you have checked you P's and Q's for your technology needs
  • Make new friends
Small footer dave msciarillo Almost 5 years ago