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Share a couple of presenting tips.

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Inspire future conference presenters by sharing a tip or two for presenting at the CUE 2016 National Conference.

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Bring your own dongle and clicker

Small image loethere About 5 years ago

Speaker Tips

Always have a backup plan. Chromebook wasn't working right. Luckily, I had a backup. Oh, and make sure to have filler when switching out tech. In my case, I sang Neil Diamond.
Small fb 20160226 12 56 15 saved picture nodnarbtuhcs About 5 years ago


  • Present on something that you "OWN"! Something you have done, led, experienced/ It will make the presentation STRESS FREE!
  • Share all your resources; we are all on the same team.
Small image pusdmrspalmef About 5 years ago

Be open and write down everything!

Be open to new ideas.
Write everything down when you hear it! (otherwise you forget it after hearing 5 more great ideas)

Small 825e756b117727562e98a34341c3d012 mistykluesner About 5 years ago

Pro Tips

1. Always download your presentation just incase the wifi fails you!
2. Sessions that allow for audience participation are (almost) always better than those that don't.
3. Keep it fun-- play some music!
Small 47b649f5414bfa27775224ce28caddc6 peerlessgreen About 5 years ago

Be confident! Fake it if you have to. Interact with the audience. Add humor!

Presenting at CUE is a great opportunity to grow professionally and stretch yourself. Prepare, add humor, interact with your audience and be confident. You got here because you've done something right along the way.
Small 0e7508483bc4e5f91f429532b2289542 pgilders About 5 years ago

Relax, share, and provide time to let participants learn by doing not just listening to you.

Relax, share, and provide time to let participants learn by doing not just listening to you.
Small 07t t63r picmonkeyed edtechariflew About 5 years ago

Have a back up plan...

Always test your tech before your session while you are on location, but have a back up plan in case there are wifi issues or any problems with your devices or the audio or projector.  Be prepared and then be happy if nothing goes wrong!
Small fd805f70a4733c2a44d1751caf6a79b5 zeepoerio About 5 years ago

Prep for a presentation

  1. Preload videos with an uninterrupted network: don't rely on instant access during your presentation
  2. Have fun: you're there to share and learn from others, enjoy the experience
  3. Stay student or stakeholder focused: show how what you know worked
Small agbowo onyewuenyi headshot4 msagbowo About 5 years ago

Tips for presenting: Breathe deeply, smile, and don't worry about what you don't know.

Speaking before a group is always a little nerve-wrecking. If you don't get nervous you may not be challenging yourself to tell folks about new and challenging things. Biggest things I think I like to see as an audience member: Be enthusiastic, don't sweat the small stuff, be open to questions and discussion, don't pretend to know everything - you don't, and we (the audience) know it. If you have a passion and fire about what you're presenting, that attitude will be infectious! 
Small picture 201 otanpenny About 5 years ago

Presentation tips

1. Arrive early to check connections, sound, etc.
2. Speak more slowly, clearly, loudly than normal speech.
3. Create as much interactivity as possible (build in time for questions).
4. Relax! You got this....
Small 0511cd403232883b94783904330bfcfd teresaozoa About 5 years ago


Know your audience, allow time or space for instant feedback and stay positive!
Small 92630afb3b3d798254855338742ae1c5 ecalhoon About 5 years ago