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Share a couple of presenting tips.

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Inspire future conference presenters by sharing a tip or two for presenting at the CUE 2016 National Conference.

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-Choose a topic u r passionate about! -Present w/ a friend! -Make a list & check it twice! -Smile & have fun!

Small image kaitlyn_fargo Almost 5 years ago

-choose a topic you are passionate about -make a list and check it twice (especially if you are presenting a hands-on session)

Small image jcastro Almost 5 years ago

Presentation tips

Make your slides as visual as possible. Avoid lots of text and bulleted lists. Slides shouldn't be a script; they should be the background to what you are saying

Always have a backup plan if the wifi or internet connection doesn't work. 

Present about what you really care about and your enthusiasm will come through to your audience.
Small f47da69fae2054aa332aacb6b6e4ccb9 janeflofton Almost 5 years ago
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Small image cogswell_ben Almost 5 years ago

Make action happen

When presenting, make it interactive. Show, model, have them do. They must be able to take something with them.
Small 94dc18b4b422f085d1e357157b7a890c joemarquez70 Almost 5 years ago

Presentation Tips

  1. Remember to post your session resources in the online Sched
  2. Engage the audience with a backchannel or a Make-and-Take project during the session
Small image burtlo Almost 5 years ago

Presenting Tips

The best presentations come from sharing something that you are passionate about! My tips to rock a presentation:
  • Bring the fun! If you want participants to have fun, you better be having fun yourself!
  • Let your passion shine- it will be contagious
  • Take the time to get to know your audience. Use interactive tools/backchannels such as TodaysMeet or Twitter to share resources, ideas, and questions during the presentation.
Small abb3ee88f87655b58acafe5c6f82f931 lblass Almost 5 years ago

Be confident. Be patient. Be you!

1. Remember to be confident. You most likely know more that anyone else in the room about your topic. 
2. When you start to feel nervous or experience any technical difficulties, remember that you are surrounded by people who WANT you to succeed. Lean on them.
3. You were selected to present at #CUE16 for a reason. You're awesome. Just remember that and have fun! This is an amazing opportunity that you deserve!!
Small 8dacfe0544b4253bbea3dd41f7449280 ctolnai Almost 5 years ago

Present on things you know without having to think about them!

If you present on topics you know, you feel, you understand all the way to your core then you are able to present naturally and answer questions without having to think of an answer. Plus, participants know when a presentation is from a person who practices what they preach versus those who just prepare a speech.
Small gericoats 20selfie gericoats Almost 5 years ago

Sharing is caring. Your passion excites the Audience! Get people moving!

Sharing is caring.Your passion excites the Audience!Get people moving!
Small screen 20shot 202016 02 22 20at 205.21.51 20pm henryd Almost 5 years ago

First time presenting at National CUE, super nervous, but I know everyone is as excited about tech as I am, so that helps :)

Its my first time presenting at National CUE, but I have a couple friends that have presented before and they have shared a couple tips with me:
1- Download your presentation to your hard drive just in case wi-fi goes down
2- Have screenshots in the presentation, just in case the wi-fi goes down
3- Enthusiasm is contagious, use that to your advantage 
Small image crazysciteach Almost 5 years ago

presenting tips!

Be early and have a screen up that shows people where to find your resources.
Download your presentation (into ppt from google slides) in case the wifi is sticky.
Go to the bathroom before.
Be upbeat!
Small 754b92af2fd42f1e433913f9939bce05 dlawvs Almost 5 years ago