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Share a couple of presenting tips.

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Inspire future conference presenters by sharing a tip or two for presenting at the CUE 2016 National Conference.

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Share what works!

* Share a strategy or lesson that works for you and your students.
* BREATHE!!!!!
* Speak from the heart and be honest!
* Allow questions to clarify confusion.
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Top 5 Presenting Tips

  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about. 
  • Present with a friend for the same reasons you should always swim with a buddy. 
  • Make a list and check it twice especially if you are presenting a hands-on session. 
  • Pack your cords & chargers so that you are prepared to connect your devices. 
  • Smile and have fun! This is an amazing opportunity to connect with other educators. 
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Speaker tips

Don't put too much text on your slides. People can't listen to you when they are reading.
Make your session as interactive as possible.
Don't stress out. You have the opportunity to help other teachers. They want you to succeed. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and be proud of being selected as a speaker.
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Share Your Joy & Knowledge at Conferences!

Your presentation should feel like a conversation with the audience. Don't worry about memorizing an entire speech, and don't read word-for-word from your slides (keep your slides minimal to avoid this)! Share stories that illustrate your points, make eye contact, if you've got a wireless microphone, move around! And above all, have fun and share your knowledge and joy!
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