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Share a couple of presenting tips.

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Inspire future conference presenters by sharing a tip or two for presenting at the CUE 2016 National Conference.

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Tips for Newbie Presenters

Take a minute before your presentation to chat with the colleagues you'll be presenting to.  Helps me remember I'm sharing with teachers like me!

Make sure your Google Docs are shared properly!  #Fail
Small img 3511 20 1 c12h22o11 Almost 5 years ago

Have a back up plan in case internet fails! Whenever possible make sessions interactive. Participants should be actively creating!

Small ab75506f2df9acf0ec49cd5b4a2b96ee charlene_know Almost 5 years ago

My tips for presenting at CUE

  • Be prepared!  My co-presenter and I went through the presentation several times before the main event.  Besides the speaking component, it is important to run through the tech specs, possible questions, etc.
  • Put yourself in the audience's shoes.  If you were in audience, would you find the information useful?
Small 10b21b977286c4dcf2652d487608dc1a kgar_tech Almost 5 years ago

Be prepared! Have fun! Give them something they can't get somewhere else.

  • Have lots of backup technology *incase* something goes wrong... because that NEVER happens!
  • Start the presentations with an activity related to your topic that participants can do... in this case we have them signing up for Badgelist and working toward their first badge before we even start. 
  • Have something for newbies and experienced users
  • Have student examples and "project" ideas to share, with 'how to' resurces
Small screen 20shot 202016 03 14 20at 207.54.11 20pm lmcclure Almost 5 years ago

Be you. Be flexible. Have fun. Have a backup plan.

Small melissa.oliver.pic maoliver17 Almost 5 years ago

Presenter Tips

1. Work hard and organize prior to the session so it can simply unfold
2. Involve the audience
3. Give them ideas and motivation
4. Give them resources
5. Have FUN!!!
Small 6c85d3c7ef2eca449ff402c7144b3aee roland_aichele Almost 5 years ago

Be awesome

Always have a plan B (And C and D and the other 22 letters of the alphabet.) Also get as many folks involved as you can. Be awesome. 
Small 6a9c56005e654136d3f068b709e8c7c2 jenroberts Almost 5 years ago

What to do when WIFI won't work: Keep calm and #cuerockstar on Get out of the room and use outside to get wifi

Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Almost 5 years ago

Keep the energy high and remember to treat every attendee like its their bday, Have treats

Small profile picture 1455756741 clipsig86 Almost 5 years ago

Scott's presenting tips

Scott's presenting tips

  1. Practice, practice, practice,
  2. Don't have too much text on each slide.
  3. Break up speaking with media and audience participation
  4. Be specific-- People want specific thing they can implement right away
Small moss.scott scotthmoss Almost 5 years ago

Present with a friend. Prep BEFORE you get to Palm Springs. Have fun. Take a selfie! Laugh!!!

Small c857b1bf3f2e006e7ddbc6fcc6a88239 marlenahebern Almost 5 years ago

Tips for presenting at CUE

1) Always present with a friend - it makes it easier to bounce ideas and share jokes while presenting.
2) Relax - everyone there is attending to learn
3) Tweet a selfie from the session with your audience.
Small img 5094 20 2 lisateachestech Almost 5 years ago