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7. Engage with Coach

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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.
Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.

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Submit for Initial Feedback

Submit for Initial Feedback on 9/13/18:
  • UO Device Checklist
  • UO Implementation Description
  • Smart Moves Document for September-October 2018
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Feedback Requested

Please provide feedback about the documents that have been uploaded thus far.
Small erin ebarry Over 2 years ago

I worked with Keisha Albritton on writing and implementing unit organizer routines for multiple units.

We had lunch meetings to sort out the is about bubbles for the unit and she helped me make links between strands of information in the unit to tie them together. I was able to focus the unit andd make a more clear unit organizer after our discussions. She also reviewed my cue-do-review process during implementation at the end of the unit. We discussed the differences between the start of the unit, the middle of the unit, and tieing up the unit. 
Small sarah swoch swochs Over 2 years ago

I participated in a group coaching session on May 10, 2018 with Diane Gillam and Patty Graner.

Small me edna-black Almost 3 years ago


I had a wonderful experience being coached by Janice.  She was readily available whenever I had any questions and her support was extraordinary.  
Small d579147e10457ae68c2b7e0e4c079aaf sstrickland Almost 3 years ago

Engage with Coach

Jocelyn's feedback was very helpful. After I had an opportunity to review her comments on the UO Checklist, we did a phone conference to discuss a few things I needed clarification on like using the line labels and taking some ideas from the expanded map to make the connections stronger. I also made some changes to the questions by moving some from my expanded map to the front. She also had some great suggestions about using the UO throughout the unit.
Small img 0739 20  20copy tammie29 About 3 years ago

Phone conference with Jocelyn on 11/15/17

Had an opportunity to get feedback on my video taped lesson with Jocelyn on the 15th. We went over the Implementation checklist. Discussed ways to further implement and introduce the UO to parents so they could best know how to use it with their students during the course. Discussed connecting the unit relationships with terminology in the unit self- test questions. The phone conference was very helpful to reviewing ways to improve the use of the UO. 
Small 9b92df24e3ba3da56a615035dac0ea0d mclark Over 3 years ago


Jolene's feedback was most helpful. She was very encouraging as she noted what she liked about the presentation. She gave me great advice on how to "chunk" the information a little bit better for students. She also provided an alternative for how I can perform the review process. 
Small cc320d74a252f3282e3cc375b6a79750 md Over 3 years ago

Fidelity Checklist for Device and Implementation.


SIM group work sessions and the WYs conducted with administration in the beginning of the year.
Small a98f048808a7b1672d3dc49de8e3f178 ayankey Almost 5 years ago

Feedback and Follow-up

Ms. Gilliam has provided feedback via Hoxie and e-mail to assist me in thinking deeper with the goal of extending the learning of the students.  Feedback has been provided on Unit Organizers, FRAME, and Concept Comparison.
Small a98f048808a7b1672d3dc49de8e3f178 ayankey Almost 5 years ago