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7. Engage with Coach

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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.
Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.

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Individual coaching session on February 25, 2019.

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Engaging with Coach

I have had the opportunity to ZOOM with Diane and my colleague, Mary Lou Heron with regards to the UO as well as other routines.  We have also communicated via email to clarify the necessary documents to upload as well as providing feedback.  When I read Diane's feedback, it makes me reflect once again on my video, my documentation etc.. I know that Diane has taken the time to really review everything I have submitted because her feedback is explicit to me and is always very thoughtful.  
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PA P2G UO Revision Unit Relationships February 27, 2019

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PA P2G Request Feedback PBSP UO February 26, 2019

Submit for Initial Feedback on 12/6/2018:
  • Cue Do Review - PBSP
  • UO Device Checklist - PBSP
  • UO Routine Checklist - PBSP
  • Log- PBSP
  • Video
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Summary of Coaching Session

Jocelyn Washburn and I had a coaching session on 12/4/2018.  She and I talked about how to provide scaffolding through the lesson so students who are struggling to write on the device can still benefit from the instruction.  She also provided feedback to consider using a 'grabber' such as a picture, video, agree/disagree statement, or by introducing words on cards that follow the upcoming phonics rules. She also provided guidance on using the expanded map in a subsequent lesson to tie up the unit. 
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Coaching sessions

I participated in group coaching session on September 2, November 2, December 4 & 5, and February 1.  I participated in individual coaching session on October 31, 20218 and February 7, 2019.
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Heron 2.4.19 Reflection on Feedback from Gillam from 1.14.19 / Floating UO: Phonemes in English

Feedback was provided by Diane Gillam noting that the Unit Relationships needed further explanation in the FLOATING of the UO. The recommendation was to include 'Characteristics' in the UO. My plan is to include this information when Tying Up the UO with participants. 
Small b4c392ec61e1aa52af2e95a5b9752741 mlheron About 2 years ago

Virtual coaching session with Patty G

Today, Joan and I had a coaching session with Patty via Zoom. We pulled together our plan of action for between now and March where we will hold another coaching session. We got questions answered and feel like we are well on our way to earning our fidelity badges. After submitting a number of unit organizers, we feel we are at the point where we can record these for submission
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PA P2G Feedback January 15, 2019

Thank you for the feed back.
* I Uploaded an expanded map on Trauma/Stress
* Yes - My partner and I each had a copy of the UO as we planned our trainings
* In the future, I will make a note to provide my partner's copy as evidence as well.  
* Connecting word: Define stress, understand reactions, identify types of stress, and create coping strategies; apply may be a better word.
* Yes, upon completion of the training, the participants will have the basic understanding of stress and begin to brainstorm supports.
 * Unit Relationships, you I identified compare
 * We included an activity 'I promise' cards that allowed time for the participants to make one promise of how that would address stress once they returned to their schools.
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Submitted 2nd Unit Organizer DRAFT and Device Checklist for TDA on 12/14/2018

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All documents uploaded for first UO implementation on 12/14/18. Waiting for feedback.

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Phone Call with Patti 9/21/18

Phone call to discuss the status of work done so far
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