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7. Engage with Coach

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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.
Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.

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P2G - Unit Organizer #1 PBIS Unit Organizer #2 Trauma and Stress

Submit for Initial Feedback on 12/6/2018:
  • UO DRAFT - PBIS and Trauma
  • UO Device Checklist - PBIS and Trauma
  • OU Revised and used routinely - go/win - PBIS and Trauma
  • Log - PBIS and Trauma
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Discussion with Coach

I had a Zoom meeting on October 24, 2018 with Patricia Garner.  I have participated in 1st Fridays and Zoom SIM Coaching.  In addition I have attended the first 3 PD days in Harrisburg and am attending the next 2 days on Dec 4 and 5 2018.  
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UO Routine Implementation Checklist

Small kelly kswartwood Over 2 years ago

Attached is the implementation checklist to support the video I'm sharing with you.

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Engaging with a coach

I shared emails with my coach and she provided clarification on ways to use the UO.  I submitted my draft UO and checklist to my coach and received helpful feedback.  I incorporated the feedback into the UO and used it with a class.  My coach showed me how to use the UO for reviewing for a test.  I recorded my lesson and wrote a reflection.  My  coach reviewed my audios and provided feedback.  She helped me prepare for drafting my next UO and using it to launch a lesson.  I sent her my next UO draft and checklist.  She provided feedback and showed me how to improve my UO and to make concepts clearer for students. I used the revised UO to launch a lesson.  I recorded my lesson, wrote a reflection and received feedback.  The process has been enormously helpful to support my new learning.  Her encouragement has been invaluable to me gaining confidence and skills. 
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Coaching ZOOM meeting with Diane

I engaged in a coaching ZOOM meeting with Diane and another colleague on October 25,2018.  The coaching session was very helpful.  We were reminded to make a revision on the SmartMoves Document whenever we do a new draft or have implemented a routine. Every time we do a draft, we get closer to earning a badge!
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Edits to Expanded map after your feedback.

After your checklist feedback, I made edits to the expanded map of the UO for our F2F training on 11/8/18.  Thanks for your feedback.  Andra
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Individual coaching session

I participated in an individual coaching session with Patty Graner on October 31, 2018.  We reviewed the Unit Organizer and discussed further development and usage of the unit organizer. 
Small me edna-black Over 2 years ago

Phone call with Coaching Team on 8/23/18

Our team talked virtually regarding our UO we were developing to use for the year long PLC for the P2G Coaches working with Phase One schools.  We initially thought we would create on UO for each face to face training (3 total) but after talking with Patty and Diane, realized we could do one for the year that encompassed the content covered in each of the 3 trainings.  We talked about the pros/cons to both ways of creating the UO and decided to revise it with this advice in mind.  Our first one I posted is before our phone call and the second link is the revised verision.

We also talked a lot about the unit relationships and development of the questions so we could flesh out the rest of the sections.  You'll see that progress in the second draft as well.

We will be introducing the UO on November 8 and 9.  Thanks for your time and advice.
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UO Coaching feedback

My coach provided coaching on 10/15/18 to ensure I followed all necessary steps on the UO implementation checklist. We discussed strengths of my presentation, as well as things I could work on. Per my coach, I covered each necessary step, but could have written more legibly. You may note that I prepopulated the shapes in the document so that it would be faster to complete since so much information was presented. My coach and I discussed that this would be a good strategy for students who struggle with writing or other difficulties. 
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P2G Unit Organizer Fidelity Checklist

Preview uo coaching checklist 1
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Please provide feedback September 25, 2018

Submit for Initial Feedback on 9/25/18:
  • UO Device Checklist
  • OU Revised and used routinely - go/win
  • Log
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