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Log: •What went well - Why? •What was a challenge - Why? •What you will do next time •What adjustments you made •Ideas generated for issues encountered •Etc._Post your log._*****Optional: Submit a Student Interview (interview a student about usefulness and implementation)*****

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Lesson Reflection

What went well - Why?
- I thought both lessons flowed well.  I revised my draft about a dozen times, so I believe I was well prepared.  

What was a challenge - Why?
-As a consultant, the challenge for me was to find content to teach (which is why I chose behavior strategies and mindset). 

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Submit a Log (reflection)
  • What went well - Why? 

The training session went well because the teacher I worked with was excited and enthusiastic to learn about the new routine. During the introduction, prior to cue do review, she asked many questions about the application of the routine.

  • What was a challenge - Why?

Not having a printer at home was a challenge. I had to create text boxes on a pdf in order to edit the digital copy of the concept comparison table.

  • What you will do next time 
Next time, I will schedule the training in person with paper copies so I can see her and she can see me instead of screen sharing to co-contruct.

  • What adjustments you made 
I made all of the text boxes ahead of time in order to get the routine to go smoothly. I also sent her copies ahead of time of the blank device so she could write on hers at the same time.

  • Ideas generated for issues encountered 
Next time, I might try having her share her screen instead so I can see what she is writing, or I could choose to have video feed moving forward instead.
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•What went well - Why?
The conversation went easily and naturally b/c the concepts compared were known deeply and the first session (PA and Phonics) was used to have the participants think about how they could be very clear with their learners when explaining the difference b/t the two.
•What was a challenge - Why? Finding a different category for the like/unlike characteristics was difficult to come up with b/c they were such discrete skills and their overarching category together seemed to be what the participants wanted to put here.
•What you will do next time - try to define how to create a like/unlike category more clearly.
•What adjustments you made  - I tried to listen and go with the ideas presented by the participants rather than stay stuck on my draft.
•Ideas generated for issues encountered - participants had other additional ideas for extensions, which were interesting for the assessment table.
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Constructing a comparison is very effective at enhancing knowledge of the topic.

Generation of the like/unlike Categories was difficult even when the content is well known by the participants.  It was effective in digger deeper into knowledge. Step 8 on the checklist helped to ensure that the components are tied together in a summary. 
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Face to face in Harrisburg April 2019

Discussed implementation with Patty in Harrisburg during face to face training.
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Following the Cue, Do, Review and preparing a script prior to implementation was helpful.  Given that the like and unlike characteristics were limited in number, the subsequent like and unlike categories were very similar to the characteristics.  However, this could be a good way to start the Concept Comparison Routine with naive learners.  That is, keeping it simple in the beginning could be beneficial for students who might be otherwise overwhelmed with a lot of information.  
If I were to do this again, I might consider an organizer that would allow for the comparison of three concepts in order to include equilateral triangles.  
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Due to my IU's email change, I lost my badge and work. I did earn my badge for this. Attached is my email saying that I earned it.

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Implementation Reflection

The co-construction that is portrayed in the video was well received by both the teacher and students. Though this was not my own class (as I am no longer in the classroom as a teacher at this point), but I previously worked with this class to co-construct a unit organizer. Because the students had at least seen me in their classroom before, they were somewhat comfortable with working with me. The students were attentive during the co-construction, but I did have to provide some guiding questions along the way to get them to provide responses. Though the time period for this co-construction took longer than I intended (or is recommended), it appeared as if the students found this activity worthwhile as they referenced it later in the class period as they were completing practice/review work on the concepts.

I believe if I worked with these students more frequently or these students were a part of my own class, they would be more familiar with the routine and working with me so the process would have moved quicker, thus reduced the amount of time for the co-construction.
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Google Docs

Concept Comparison Routine log

Concept Comparison Routine log: The routine and Comparison table were used during a Proffessional Development session that was only a class period long, 11:38 - 12:20 on 4/12/19. There were only three teachers in attendance for this session. The participation from the group went well despite man...
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This was a useful tool to use. Students found it helpful to compare the formulas for area and perimeter before applying them.

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Here is the evidence

Looking at the concept comparison organizer and routine, we were thinking of so many topics that we could use with this.  A lot of the social studies and science topics have many details that can be confusing, such as the simple machines, or ancient civilizations.  This would surely be a tool to help break it down and summarize the similarities and differences with them. We really like your suggestion to have this organizer partly filled out.  This would be very helpful for the students who write slower, and would allow us to use the purpose of this and not get hung up on the writing aspect. For our next one, I can see us giving the partly filled out organizer, and for some of the students giving them a neat copy would also be beneficial.  One thing that was tricky for us, was that the boxes were pretty small and third graders don’t always write small. I can also see us blowing the boxes up a little bit to give them more space, especially for the summary. We look forward to doing these in the future.
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