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Find a few examples of material design which resonate with you and share them here with notes on what you think works (and, if relevant, what doesn't work).

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A subtle and simple design, but very typical of the last five years. Good use of contrasts, form animations, and obvious CTAs.

Three Ventures Technology, Inc

Analytics, Amazon Web Services, & Advertising Consulting - Three Ventures

Three Ventures is a business analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and advertising consulting firm. We solve our client's most important business challenges.
Small fb658322f60e286c62269435d1a1b652 juan8a 7 months ago

Still the best example of material design is the Material Design Lite page. Love their strong colors, well-used animations, modern look.


Material Design Lite

A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.
Small fb658322f60e286c62269435d1a1b652 juan8a 7 months ago

Simple and modern with a refreshing color palette .


Cheap flights and airline tickets | Jetradar

Jetradar searches travel and airline sites to help you find cheap flights at best prices.
Small professional guensie 7 months ago

This is one of my favorites because it maintains a strong brand identity while using the material design guidelines.

Age Gate

Small professional guensie 7 months ago