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Material Design is a UI/UX design framework developed by Google that has become widely used by developers of web and mobile apps. While the legacy pages within the Badge List app don't follow any particular design paradigm, the newer pages within the Badge List app all utilize Material Design. Moving forward we are fully committed to deploying Material Design app-wide.

The goal of building on top of the material spec is to enable us to move faster (by reducing the number of decisions we have to make) while still helping us deliver a world class user experience that is aligned with modern best practices. In addition, because the material spec is platform agnostic it provides us a way to architect UX which will evolve with us as we grow our codebase in the future (mobile apps, native apps, etc).

Also it's worth noting that part of the rationale for selecting Polymer as our frontend framework is that it comes with a full stable of components which make it easy to implement the Material Design spec.

One last thing: We are not super religious in our adherence to the spec, at least not at this time. Matching up with every last facet of the standard would be super time consuming and we're just not there yet. Maybe we will get there one day, maybe not. For now, we're mostly using material as a source of pre-designed UI components and as a general collection of design principles and standards (rather than as a pixel-perfect set of strict guidelines).

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This badge is something of a work in progress. Properly validating understanding of such an abstract bundle of concepts is... challenging. But this is a critical part of the frontend vision, so some validation is important. For now we're keeping this badge fairly simple. As you work your way through it, please try to think of ideas for how this badge could be improved (especially with respect to the requirements).

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Guensie Grecy


Badge awarded on 12/6/18

Juan Ochoa


Badge awarded on 12/28/18

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