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  • Last updated May 13, 2015 at 10:30 PM by hankish
Evidence-based badges contain requirements. Manually-awarded badges do not.
One of the things that sets Badge List apart from other badge hosting platforms is that our badges are able to contain lists of "required evidence". Each requirement collects evidence in a particular format and that evidence is displayed prominently on the #progress-log of each awardee.  We believe that badges are better when they are linked to evidence.  

In Badge List, badges which have requirements (called "evidence-based badges") are able to be "joined".  After joining, users are referred to as #badge-learners and are able to submit evidence which goes into their #progress-log and is later validated by #badge-awarders. (Refer to #Request-Validation for more details on the validation process.)

There are certain types of badges for which the only relevant evidence is the fact that the #badge-experts saw fit to award it.  For example: A badge given in exchange for attending a small event or awarded to all members of a community group.  It is for these sorts of cases that Badge List supports what we call "manually-awarded badges". Manually awarded badges cannot be "joined" in the same way as evidence-based badges can.  They must be awarded manually by the #badge-awarders.

For more information...

Refer to #Types-of-Evidence for a list of the various types of evidence which Badge List currently supports.