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I splashed.

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Submit a public link to a Google Site Splash Page that you created. Make sure the permissions are set to VIEW ONLY and ANYONE WITH THE LINK.

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Note that the 'home' page of my new 'Site' page is also my 'Splash' page. :)


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Language Arts
Small ce2b7bb5ad9e9b792345bcbe037dcabd jamesh Almost 5 years ago


Small ae4cc35440684dc32a43275f13ac9917 jjohnsongv Almost 5 years ago

My classroom website

Small bd67f1b996708b9a4ffcd1e2e3efb4b7 lorij94 Almost 5 years ago

This is my work in progress for team collaboration.



To organize and keep information from our collaborative meetings. It is also a place to use as a starting point for DHH needs with in PCOE.
Small 1cfd72433bcc679276028996646eae62 jcolvin Almost 5 years ago


Small 147a666f8ba5f16ed9a15392c6eb56be tut Almost 5 years ago

sample splash page

Small 6bdfc88ff85836a4a1894b6ebe9fb9fa jstrawn Almost 5 years ago

Yay! I made some great progress on my class webpage!!!

Small 53196e7c7c19bcadb0d1cd471f64dabb aburke Almost 5 years ago