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Super Google Boot Camp 2015

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Medium cate   macbadger
*START HERE*: MacBadger

I created my free Badgelist account and joined the Super Google Boot Camp 2015 Learning Group.

Required Evidence

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Medium screen shot 2015 07 25 at 10.29.32 pm
KEYNOTE: Managing Change w/ Celebration,SAMR & Yet

Create a pathway to change through celebration, using the word yet and always starting with the S in SAMR.

Required Evidence

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Medium angie   doc power  1

I have successfully started a Google Doc and shared it out.

Required Evidence

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Medium cinnamon   forms  1
LEVEL 1: Form-tastic

I have created a form that I can use in the first week of school. I included at least 3 different types of questions in the form.

Required Evidence

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Medium cinnamon   calendars
LEVEL 1: Google Calendar

I have created at least 2 Google Calendars that include an all-day event, an invitation to an event, and an invitation to edit the calendar.

Required Evidence

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Medium lori jenkins   hour of code
LEVEL 1: Hour of Code

I completed a full Hour of Code at

Required Evidence

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Medium cate   i m with chromebook.
LEVEL 1: I'm with Chromebook.

I have installed a Chrome Web App and a Chrome Extension onto a Chromebook. I also figured out how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook.

Required Evidence

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Medium beth brauer   keyboarding  2
LEVEL 1: Keyboarding Super Teacher

I have chosen a typing program that I will use with my class.

Required Evidence

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Medium angie   sites in a flash
LEVEL 1: Sites in a Flash

I have created an original Google Site or edited a Google Sites template that has a clear navigation and introductory content on all pages.

Required Evidence

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Medium cinnamon   social media
LEVEL 1: Social Media Superstar

I have created my Twitter account and have posted my first tweet using the #supergooglebc hashtag.

Required Evidence

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Medium beth brauer   skype level 1
LEVEL 1: Super Skyper

I have successfully set up my Skype account and connected with another user in my school or district.

Required Evidence

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Medium kelly martin   app smash  1
LEVEL 2: App-Smasher!

I can smash two apps to make an awesome interactive tool!

Required Evidence

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