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Using a cloud-based photo album service (ie Google Photos, DropBox, Padlet, etc), collect your "Celebrate Success" sketches into a single folder and submit the publicly viewable link.

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drh About 4 years ago

Here are my sketches for day 25-30.

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mcsuarez About 4 years ago

Days 25 - 30



Days 25 - 30
gtanaka About 4 years ago

Google Photo Album of Day 25-30 sketches.

Google Photos

#sketch50 25-30 Celebrate Success

6 new photos · Album by Phil Macoun
pmacoun About 4 years ago



Photo Apr 08, 2 44 37 PM.jpg

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
tracynmcf About 4 years ago

Celebrate Success Days 25-30 #sketch50

Google Photos

#sketch50 Days 25-30 Celebrate Success

6 new photos · Album by Diane Mendoza
drmendoza About 4 years ago

Google Photo album

Google Photos

Sketch 50 #sketch50

65 new photos · Album by Nancy Minicozzi
coffeenancy About 4 years ago

This is my Google Slides with all of my sketches.

Google Docs

#Sketch50 Challenge

Sketch50 Challenge...
kathisuesummers About 4 years ago

Celebrating the new tools and skills I have learned this week! Reusing elements, improving animation, experimenting with fonts & MORE!

Google Photos

Sketch50 Days 25-30: Celebrate Success

6 new photos · Album by Ann Brucker
annbruckertis About 4 years ago

Google Photos album

Google Photos

#Sketch50 Celebrate Success

12 new photos added to shared album
wterral About 4 years ago