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Celebrate Success


You have successfully sketched the theme of Celebrate Success during days 25-30 of Sketch50. (1 piece of evidence is required)


Phil Macoun


Awarded badge on April 27, 2017

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Option 1: An animation of your sketches

Evidence visible to public
Using the DoInk app, Google Photos Assistant, or another gif-generating tool, combine your "Celebrate Success" sketches into an animation and upload it here. More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

Google Photo Album of Day 25-30 sketches.

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#sketch50 25-30 Celebrate Success

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Option 3: A Reflection

Evidence visible to public
Upload a link to publicly viewable Google file or a document that includes: - one of your sketches from days 25-30 - your response to the following prompt: "What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?" More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement