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5. Submit Implementation Portfolio

The following is a description of my implementation of the Unit Organizer in my classroom.

  • May 4, 2016 at 10:09 AM
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The class being illustrated with the Teacher Drafted UO ( and student's completed UO ( contains 23 students, no special education students, 1 ESL.  All students in this class are categorized as having average mathematical ability.  Implementation started with the introduction of the device and working through the Cue-Do-Review process.  As demonstrated by the teacher copy and the student copy, deviations in wording and inclusion of particular concepts on the expanded map were made according to student input.  The initial process (introduction to the routine and unit) took approximately 15-20 minutes.  Everyday students, during warm-up time, were referred back to the UO to reference what topic or activity would be occurring - this lasted approximately 5 minutes.  Conclusions were drawn daily with students reviewing what was learned with the expanded map or silent reflection of the self-questioning question directed to what was taught during the lessons to that point in the unit.  Conclusion were drawn for about 5 minutes at the end of the class.  The Expanded Map was completed at the end of each section of the unit.   The co-constuction that took place with the Expanded Map was done so with so with students being given time to think and write down what they thought was important to remember on a separate piece of paper then as a class we narrowed it down to what the class decided was most important.  Students were encouraged to list any additional things in their own expanded map at the end of the discussion.  This provided students with a focus for upcoming assessments on the topic/unit.  The Unit Schedule was updated on a weekly basis based on the understanding of the material demonstrated by the students and the speed by which the student feel comfortable (and I am able to see the growth/understanding in the desired time).  The length of time that the Unit Schedule was dependent upon the time needed for discussion (generally it did not last longer than 5-10 minutes).  The Unit Organizer was completed on the day of the Unit Post-test (9/2 - 9/23).  Students turned in their Unit Organizer for a grade (they were evaluated based on completion).