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4. Use the Unit Organizer Routinely

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Use the Unit Organizer routinely with a group or class. Follow the Go! and Win! sections of the guidebook.
Use the Unit Organizer routinely with a group or class.  Follow the Go!  (pp. 36 - 43) and the Win! (pp. 44 - 47 sections of the guidebook

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Routine use of UO

I used this unit organizer every day of the week whether we were co-constructing on the back, reviewing self-test questions, or adding to our assignment schedule.  My students know the routine and many are starting to use it on their own without my reminders.
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Sample UO for Human Geography Unit

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Using the Unit Organizer Routinely

We use the Unit Organizer routinely in my co-taught World Geography classes. We began each new unit with the UO routine throughout the 1st semester (Physical, Human, and Economic Geography). We added new information as we progressed through the units and the students were successful in using them as they completed review activities and prepared for unit assessments.
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Use of the UO routinely.

During our unit on Mapping, we looked back at the UO to complete the Expanded Map and to update the schedule/ check off items turned in. We used the self- test questions for the students to evaluate if they were prepared for the quiz at the end of the unit. When completing our Expanded Map we discussed how the Frame could be referenced and not copied completely on the map. Students seemed to enjoy that. 
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I have used the Unit Organizer routinely with my English III, English III Honors, English II and English II Honors students.

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Collage of UOs from Algebra during the 2016-2017 year (front sides only). Expanded maps were also completed, but are not shown here.

Daily Classroom Routine

The unit organizer is used as a daily routine to open the class as well as closure for a lesson.  The warm-up on a daily basis is a question requiring the students access their unit organizer to answer; whether it be what are we going to do today or what concept did we cover yesterday and how does will it play a role in today.  The closure is a review of where we have been and where we are going based on the Unit Organizer and schedule.
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