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Strategic Instruction Model™ Content Enhancement

Upload evidence to support your PD institute application for this micro-credential. Awarded for completion of the application requirements.

Required Evidence

1. SIM CER Implementation Experience

• Post a link to the CER PD Table showing any CER you’ve learned and taught. • Insert the link to any micro-credentials for which you have achieved Fidelity or Specialist “Expert” status. More Info

2. Compile a Portfolio

• Post link to e-portfolio including: Evidence of 3 CERs of your choice constructed and used with students in a classroom (teacher draft and 2 student samples). • Evidence explaining implementation • Insert link(s) to your Level 2 FI micro-credential(s) • Redact identifying student information More Info

3. Submit Classroom Video

• Submit classroom video demonstrating use of the Cue-Do-Review instructional sequence while teaching a Content Enhancement Routine with a link to your video from Vimeo or another site. Video should show the entire CDR. (Be sure to have proper permissions) • Submit self reflection on CDR checklist More Info

4. Letters of Support

• Share one letter provided by an employer/administrator to support your participation in the PD institute and while completing post-institute requirements. • Share one letter provided by a SIM Professional Developer. More Info

5. Application questions

Post a link to your application questions. Answers to the application questions help institute instructors prepare to personalize the institute content, tasks, activities, and sessions for participants. More Info

Reminder: Request Feedback

If you have completed your collection of evidence, please click on the REQUEST FEEDBACK button to submit your application for approval. More Info

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