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Connect on GitHub

Sign up for a github account. "Watch" the repos in following list using these instructions: Take a screenshot of your "watching" list with your account login visible & post. More Info

Connect on Twitter

Follow @OpenWorm on twitter. Take a screenshot of your twitter account's "following" page and show that you are following @OpenWorm More Info

Connect on Gitter chat

Join the main OpenWorm channel and say hello! Join any additional OpenWorm channels you like: Screenshot the list of rooms you are have joined More Info

Add the OpenWorm google calendar

Using the icon in the bottom right hand corner, add the OpenWorm google calendar to your calendar: Screenshot the calendar visible from your own account (you can check off all the other calendars if you like). More Info

Sign up for the OpenWorm newsletter

Go to the signup form and add yourself to the newsletter: Screenshot your confirmation page. More Info

Subscribe to the OpenWorm YouTube channel

Subscribe to the youtube channel here: Post a screenshot of being logged in and subscribed. More Info

Join the mailing list

The general discussion list for openworm is here: Join the list and post a screenshot of the page once you are joined. More Info

Follow OpenWorm's blog

Add our blog on Tumblr: Send a screenshot that you are following us with your account visible. More Info

Like OpenWorm on Facebook

Like us on facebook. Send us a screenshot from your account. More Info

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