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  • Last updated August 17, 2017 at 8:19 PM
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Follow @OpenWorm on twitter. Take a screenshot of your twitter account's "following" page and show that you are following @OpenWorm

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Preview screen 20shot 202017 10 15 20at 2017.23.20
Small 2aa78bb302c695a9fd38462d19dce2b7 seashell About 1 month ago

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Preview screenshot 202017 09 16 2011.26.32
Small abfe46f18020ef8a0b030719d4d896e2 cagerskov 2 months ago

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Preview twtrowevd
Small haugen 20170309 2015  cha0228 jarlv 6 months ago

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Small a156787de06be4d3f17c2a7455ea4407 jdesmond10 6 months ago

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Small 118d349b 42a1 4142 af92 8879370c7f0a sid 6 months ago

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Preview owtwitter
Small avatar diegovoid 7 months ago

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Beb7d941d3edb7c3d028d7c89cd28be0?s=50&d=mm krisdamato About 1 year ago

Chose to screenshot the fact I'm following OpenWorm this way (with my image)

Preview screen 20shot 202016 10 20 20at 201.06.44 20am
Small standardprofile cheewai1972 About 1 year ago

Me following OpenWorm

Preview twitter openworm
Small bradly alicea2 balicea About 1 year ago

OpenWorm Twitter

Preview twitter
Small selfie0 tom About 1 year ago