Katja Broddesson

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Maker Competencies

  • November 14, 2017 at 11:09 AM
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This session with Martin Wallace of UT Arlington was very informative and innovative.

At first it struck me that the maker-based competencies that are being developed are little more than a bend of critical thinking skills, soft skills, and common sense. That being said, as I thought about it some more, taking a new perspective on well-established concepts and accepted human expressions or traits is really what being a maker is about. 

I am very encouraged by the inclusiveness of these competencies. The scope of allowed approaches to learning and knowledge creation have grown so exponentially since I was a kid in school, subsequently making learning more accessible. Tying these rather complex intellectual human efforts to an end-product by bench marking the important segments in rubric-like fashion scaffolds these nascent ideas and legitimizes the emerging theories that will follow.