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Katja Broddesson


Awarded badge on November 14, 2017

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This is great! Thanks so much for sharing your goals and takeaways!

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One of the professional goals I set for myself this fall is to learn more about current library trends.

As the single librarian of a small academic library, it's important to me to make an effort to learn and network virtually. I also find it fascinating that some libraries have great success with certain tools or approaches while others find the same tools less useful. Further, trends in public and academic libraries tend to differ significantly, but I think each can inform the other: makerspaces is one of these crossover trends. 

I'm hoping to hear how makerspaces have worked in smaller institutions, and what the alternatives are to designating a whole permanent space; perhaps theme days or terms would work just as well?

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The Humble Question Prompt

I thought that the idea of the humble question prompt was rather like an extension of a traditional reference interview, but with more pedagogical bite. Since the purpose of the methodology is to generate critical thinking on the part of the student, I don't fully agree with the "question" moniker; I would probably refer to it as the humble dialog/discourse prompt. 

Nevertheless, using this method to generate thought, making, and thought about making supports the idea of knowledge creation as a holistic concept, encompassing intellectual, physical, emotional, inter-and intra-personal learning, as well as the effect learning has on its creator and the surrounding environments and willing or unwilling constituents and stakeholders. 

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Maker Competencies

This session with Martin Wallace of UT Arlington was very informative and innovative.

At first it struck me that the maker-based competencies that are being developed are little more than a bend of critical thinking skills, soft skills, and common sense. That being said, as I thought about it some more, taking a new perspective on well-established concepts and accepted human expressions or traits is really what being a maker is about. 

I am very encouraged by the inclusiveness of these competencies. The scope of allowed approaches to learning and knowledge creation have grown so exponentially since I was a kid in school, subsequently making learning more accessible. Tying these rather complex intellectual human efforts to an end-product by bench marking the important segments in rubric-like fashion scaffolds these nascent ideas and legitimizes the emerging theories that will follow.