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Badge holders have demonstrated a working understanding of the initial v1.0 release of the OpenBadge standard.

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The Open Badge standard has been around for a while. It was in v0.5 when we were doing the thought work which evolved into Badge List and the initial release of Badge List was compatible with the 1.0 version of the spec. Since that time the spec has evolved a lot, but Badge List's implementation of that spec has not kept up with the times and as it turns out we are now stuck on a somewhat archaic version of the standard (v1.0 was fairly quickly supplanted by v1.1 which was later replaced by v2.0). There are a lot of reasons for this, but they are not super important.

The important thing to understand is that Badge List is committed to supporting the OpenBadge standard (and many of the even more powerful standards for badge interoperability which are still emerging) into the foreseeable future. We are planning on implementing the latest version of the spec as soon as possible, but in the mean time it's important to understand the version which the platform currently supports.

How to earn this badge

  1. Read through the public website of the Open Badges project to understand the context:
  2. Study up on the docs for v1.0 of the standard (yes, the 1.0 version is so old that you have to look in the Github change history to even access the docs):
  3. Answer the #Quiz-Questions
  4. Request feedback

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Christophe Alain Pagnusatt Rochester


Badge awarded on 8/30/19

Quentin Guillaume


Badge awarded on 12/6/18

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