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Post a link to a requirement page that you've created. Learning evidence is the heart of every badge. To add detail to your required evidence pages, click on the evidence item, click "create evidence page" and tell us what you want us to do to earn your badge.
First, list the requirements for earning your badge in short headings.  Then, inside the badge click the blue book icon to enter the requirement page.  Write a detailed description of what evidence you need to earn the badge.

In order to complete this phase, click "post evidence" next to the blue book icon, and leave a link to one of your evidence pages by copying the URL from your evidence page.

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Badge for Ellevation.



Small img 8803 202 menxueiro About 1 month ago

Create a family tree.

I joined


Small photo stephanie-simon 4 months ago

Please post photo

20 Years In the game



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Small 380a2e638dcd868a9d24c42850f9a8c1 mikemetic 6 months ago

Create an account on Create a free group on Obtain the Badge-Builder Badge Obtain the Ed Tech


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Small img  fdwhy3 jp-dev-facebook 6 months ago

Complete the checklist to earn this badge.


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Small 695ce69dfc3be1ab8474c63799b1183d cthomas 7 months ago


I’ve just got my first badge and I’m so proud, many more badges to come !


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Small d618d27f511b9096196416a42e31692a kylonevans30 12 months ago

Haber superado los modulo 1 y 2 del curso ofimatica basica


Aula Virtual

El presente curso busca desarrollar las principales competencias en el manejo de estos programas para que cualquier persona, en apenas cuatro semanas, pueda generar documentos básicos pero con estilo y utilizar con facilidad el Internet y su correo electrónico.
Small 1ffd7c5a098489f90b2d1c599953f682 onoval About 1 year ago

This link leads to the evidence page for the first requirement needed to earn the NESTT Visitor Badge.


Picture in the NESTT - NESTT Visitor - BSU EDTE

1) Visit the NESTT Learning Lab located on the second floor of Ball State's Teachers College. 2) Politely ask one of the nice workers to introduce you to the technologies available at the lab. 3) Choose a specific technology that you would like to learn more about.
Small pic megniese20 About 1 year ago