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You can type your takeaway here, but please consider instead sharing a posting on social media and linking to that here. Be sure to include both the #AASL19 & #NOTatAASL hashtags in your posting.

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Here's a resource I have a feeling I'll be glad to have at my fingertips from time to time. Even though I'm a newb…

Small unnamed liafisherjanosz About 1 year ago

Spending some time this morning looking at all of the fabulous presentations happening at #AASL19. Thankful for all…

Small unnamed shawna-ford About 1 year ago

Just because I am #NOTatAASL doesn’t mean that I can’t still benefit from all the great resources. Thanks for the I…

Small photo andrea-boltz About 1 year ago

#AASL19 is nigh! School #librarian peeps! Are you going? Yes? GOOD...'cause I'm not (alas!), so I need YOU. If…

Small unnamed liafisherjanosz About 1 year ago

Retweet with comment to Jane Lofton's initial post, #AASL19 & #NOTatAASL


Rosemarie Bernier on Twitter

Hi Jane, I'm #NOTatAASL, but I'm happy many AASL members are at the conference and will share their experiences on Social Media so that I can attend virtually! Yay!🙂
Small rm3 rmb2 About 1 year ago

The AASL National Conference begins in Louisville, Kentucky, my company will be there representing! I am not there…

Small unnamed cheri-fry About 1 year ago