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Visit one exhibitor and share what you learned. You can type that here, but consider doing a social media post and sharing that link here. Be sure to include the #AASL19 hashtag in your postings.

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I met with a representative from TLC to learn about the social media management system, Social Flow and how it could support my district.


Social Media Management

TLC is the exclusive provider of SocialFlow to the library marketplace. SocialFlow's optimized publishing technology analyzes real-time conversations and activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to enable social media managers to post the best possible content at the best possible times.
Small 1f76fb91 952f 4e2d bb6f 0b32943b91c3 lgreyhawk About 1 year ago

SLC had a great booth with a screen showing off their online offerings.

Small aac455f485b1449b62120999b5163327 keray About 1 year ago

Spent some time with Follett Destiny

I had some questions for the folks over at Follett about Destiny. While I didn't get all of them answered, it was nice to find someone else to talk to about how to do things than just emailing my fellow county librarians.
Small unnamed kannan-cangro About 1 year ago

Copyright and Creativity for digital citizenship resources

Small unnamed martha-hickson About 1 year ago

Visited Proquest booth to tell them how impressed I was with their lunch program on women.

Small unnamed debragottsleben About 1 year ago

I visited the Rubik's Cube exhibitor booth - and now we have the opportunity to borrow 36 Rubik's Cubes - for 6 weeks - for FREE!


Jillian Ehlers ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ on Twitter

Stop by the You Can Do the Rubik's Cube booth at #AASL19! I was able to request a delivery of 36 Rubik's Cubes to borrow for 6 weeks... for FREE! Students will be thrilled to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube and learn how to design mosaics! @YouCanDoTheCube @aasl
Small unnamed jillian-ehlers About 1 year ago

Found new titles at Penguin

Preview img 4405
Small unnamed nicole-erwin About 1 year ago

Copyright and Creativity go hand in hand!

As an educator, it is increasingly common for me to become very frustrated with my students lack of awareness of when they are not practicing copyright and fair use policies.  They lack awareness of what the rules are this offers free lesson plans to help save my sanity.
Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri About 1 year ago

Penguin had plenty of awesome titles to share. I was particularly excited to get my hands on an ARC of E. Lockhartโ€™s new book!

Small 347b20cd fc3d 4a09 9e7d ad22135a937d brandinhartsell About 1 year ago

Got a free Who was book for answering a question at Penguin.

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Small img 3590 jennifer-altena About 1 year ago

LitLunch using MackinVia

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Small 097562e7 8af0 47c1 a607 59cf630cbd30 pittalum About 1 year ago


I visited the Scholastic booth and learned about new books by some of their authors as well as more about their digital products.
Small ab370efe216ec85f0801816196d3e648 storygirl About 1 year ago