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Picture Books and Primary Sources

I enjoyed learning about how to use primary sources to enhance a picture book read aloud.  I appreciated how the presenter took us through a mock lesson and had us view a primary source, made the connection to the picture book and then read aloud a bit of the book to give us a taste of how to structure a lesson.  I'm using this strategy with my 4th graders right now.  I showed them an image of an advertisement for the Macy's parade from 1933 and asked what they noticed.  We had a discussion and them read Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of the Macy's Parade.
Small ab370efe216ec85f0801816196d3e648 storygirl About 1 year ago

I heard about how to make global connections for my students.

Small aac455f485b1449b62120999b5163327 keray About 1 year ago

SEL books


Kannan Cangro on Twitter

Every book can become an SEL book if we say what would happen if.. what could we change? #aasl19 SEL: planting the seeds of kindness @BillHarleyStory @LindaRagsdale Claudette Esmerelda Jeanne Bender
Small unnamed kannan-cangro About 1 year ago

OER best practices = CAPE

Small unnamed martha-hickson About 1 year ago

I learned about all of the new best websites for teaching and learning. I plan on using genially to transform student presentations.


Jillian Ehlers πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚ on Twitter

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning concurrent session at #AASL19! @aasl
Small unnamed jillian-ehlers About 1 year ago

Jarrett Krosoczka

Reminder that having diverse books isn't enough, we need to be bringing authors in of diverse backgrounds for our author visits.
Small unnamed laura-thomas About 1 year ago

You don’t have to do All the Things, but you can prioritize the things most important to you.

Small 7a70a565c015336713a435222a4c2b3d katielafever About 1 year ago

Tough Topics: using literature to open difficult converstaions

This one had me in tears, hearing about the power that these author's stories had on children. I'm part of Project LIT which includes many books dealing with tough topics. I hope to spend more time on these stories with the kids. But I really want to get them into the hands of teachers who are still doing the "classics" - maybe through a teacher book club to dip our toes in and discuss how these titles can bring more to all of our students' lives.
Small unnamed nicole-erwin About 1 year ago

Fighting Fake News with Digital Literacy...fantastic info!

Preview loiswine
Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri About 1 year ago

Great idea from @mluhtala: set an alarm each period, & take a photo each time as evidence of what is currently happ…

Small photo jane-lofton About 1 year ago

This session changed the way I look at research! Yes, it can and will be done with Kindergarteners and First Graders!

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Small 349891a6dcf6c66ab2ce19d17f0bbd83 kajadee About 1 year ago

Great session about using data as advocacy.

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Small 4c8a71e5 5c80 479b b391 47a47c055cb8 linthelibrary About 1 year ago