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Ready, Set, Research!

This session was great!  It got me thinking about inquiry with my youngest learners in a whole new way.  I can't wait to incorporate visual literacy (looking at images and questioning based on them) into my units of study.  I am also looking forward to teaching my students the songs shared by the presenters in their presentation.  I have a music background and love the idea of using songs to teach key vocabulary (nonfiction, research).
Small ab370efe216ec85f0801816196d3e648 storygirl About 1 year ago

I learned how to use primary sources to bring nonfiction books to life for the students.

Small aac455f485b1449b62120999b5163327 keray About 1 year ago

Twitter post about this


Kannan Cangro on Twitter

Let's use nonfiction books as a springboard to research. The end of your read aloud shouldn't be the end it should be the first step to more @PatriciaNewman #aasl19
Small unnamed kannan-cangro About 1 year ago

Truth sandwich

Lead with the truth. Here’s what some people say that’s wrong. Restate the truth.
Small unnamed martha-hickson About 1 year ago

I learned... What is a diversity audit? How do you conduct a diversity audit? Benefits for student readers?


Jillian Ehlers 🍁🍂🍁🍂 on Twitter

Woke! Collections: Implementing a Diversity Audit panel at #AASL19 @aasl
Small unnamed jillian-ehlers About 1 year ago

From Tough Topics

Kathleen Glashow made the comment in respect to limiting books on tough topics that we are sending the message that "you are old enough to be raped, but you are not old enough to read about it."
Small unnamed laura-thomas About 1 year ago

Planning and advocacy go hand In hand!

Small 7a70a565c015336713a435222a4c2b3d katielafever About 1 year ago

GEMS+ STEAM with a twist

Really enjoyed hearing how these librarians developed a STEM camp for girls that focused on community activism rather than just making trinkets. I've done some stem camps before but these ideas really gave me some structure for taking it up a level for next time.
Small unnamed nicole-erwin About 1 year ago

Tracey Wong truly inspired me to get into Making with my students!

There were so many exciting things happening with Tracy's students, I cannot wait to attempt some of these with mine; especially making books/games for the visually impaired! I am soo inspired and energized to get my Makerspace Game Face on!!!
Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri About 1 year ago

Let’s not engage in Wikipedia shaming. Let’s its value as a source- @joycevalenza #aasl19

Small photo jane-lofton About 1 year ago

Getting my learning on. #AASL19

Small b4cbde8e b6cf 4d3f a382 beb67d28afe4 serenity About 1 year ago

I gained awesome insight about reading with the right inflections to spark excitement among my listeners.

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Small 349891a6dcf6c66ab2ce19d17f0bbd83 kajadee About 1 year ago