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Great sessions everyone. So happy to work with such amazing presenters and the SIM team to help coordinate and work at the conference.

Small e7d64a938d1273175a4f40c970dd85dc peonya-ku-edu 2 months ago

Both the math and writing were great. I liked the StarWriter. They can work at their pace. Math is very user friendly and helpful.

Small 0d737e8c0f3662b9cdf13920cf8e708f cajamunro Almost 2 years ago

Richard Culatta's Keynote was interesting on technology in education trends. Really like learning positioning systems!

Small 1f1a41f7d951affab8042634ccbcb90b jillhageman About 5 years ago

Theme writing is a hot topic in schools.

Jean's timing for presenting on the newly developed theme writing strategies was perfect.  The need for helping students become better in their construction of narrative, persuasive, and argumentive writing in various content areas is critical.  The theme writing strategies meet these needs.  
Small 5c7d0bfac27f9cfa0aef42d8e5d6af22 gkoenig About 5 years ago

Keynote- 2015 SIM Conference

Rick had some great ideas that reinforced the ideas I have on evolving education- personalized learning, technology use. working smarter not harder, and feedback in real time with visualization of their learning.  When I think of the research on goal setting for the SIM LS I see the alignment but innovation!
Small 8eeead1159ba1ff0788b757bac429a91 susannejames About 5 years ago

I am appreciative that there is no cost for the badges. PDer for many years - I appreciate not needing to post evidence for each one.

Small 3a68a5ad81d69e750da3a291d014dbd0 akyorks78 About 5 years ago

A great time to collaborate with professional developers in other states about challenges and experiences.

Small lisaatkins lisaatkins78 About 5 years ago

The Scientific Argumentation Routine

The Scientific Argumentation Routine, when used with fidelity, has the potential to cognitively engage students in thinking through the argumentative process.  This skill set is important not only as we move forward into our new science standards, but also for clearly looking at social and scientific claims presented to us throughout our lives.
Small 393a6c7a5373423235f748453bed1dda nanette Over 5 years ago

The session on Action Research was helpful and timely as teachers work to validate their practices within the classroom setting.

Small bb7977a79118bfd9da5541f8132586aa cougar_12 Over 5 years ago

Understanding Academic Langauge by Frances Ihle

Until now, conversations among the teachers I work with re: academic language have been numerous and scattered.  I see this LS for setting structure to professional conversation, checking knowledge of those unfamiliar with the concept, finding common vocabulary for discussion, and, finally, teaching students to engage in academic language.  It looks like a lovely fit for thinking about CLC.
Small 3f83ef627725bcca6f2661100d7d293e cschnied Almost 6 years ago

Theme Writing: Informative Writing. This new strategy meets the needs of teachers in every content area. Great links to resources.

Small ce47f7955c4844d9c23609a79ffbc119 holly Almost 6 years ago

The session on informative theme writing was exciting; teachers have been asking for this. The online links make the strategy user-friendly.

Small 21a7392ae2c6be7ca68d7353a7b40b63 cmac Almost 6 years ago