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6. Submit a Log


  • April 6, 2020 at 6:26 AM
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What went well 
The Unit Organizer was a good tool for teaching and learning about Zoom. The Unit Organizer helped the student understand, not only how to organize information for her students, but to understand new content for herself. 

What was a challenge
A challenge was that both the student and I were not used to teaching and learning online. The Unit Organizer is easier to use, in my opinion, when you can write on it directly instead of having to type in smaller boxes in live time while teaching. 

What you will do next time •
Next time, I would like to teach this in person so I can both see and hear her and also see what she is writing at the same time. 

What adjustments you made
The adjustments I made were screen sharing with Zoom. Although I would like to be able to see her, it was more important for her to see where I was writing the content. Next time, I would also have her share her screen so I could check her content as well.