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This is a wonderful routine for mathematics.

There are many compare and contrast options in a mathematics classroom.
  • Procedures
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Solving algebraic equations
  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Graphs
  • Etc.
The template not only asks for like characteristics; it also asks for, unlike characteristics. 
Application is very important in mathematics and it all starts with asking questions about similarities and differences to problems we already know how to solve. 
The identification of differences allows us to identify the right path to take when working with mathematics. 
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12/5/18: Concept-Comparison Routine

I worked through a draft comparison of inference and analysis for an overall concept of text dependent analysis. 
I think this routine will help students understand how concepts are organized by like and unlike characteristics, and fall into like and unlike categories.
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P2G Harrisburg, Pa December 2018

Small profile melissaklug 9 months ago

SIM for P2G grant - Pennsylvania 12/5/2018

The Concept Comparison Routine is one of my favorite of the SIM routines that we learned.  I like how it uses like and unlike categorization for students to think of examples and non-examples as well as subordinate and superordinate relationships.  This will really help students make connections between concepts and I strengthen the associations in their mental models of the concepts being compared.  
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12/5 Concept Comparison Training

The Concept Comparison Routine i s an effective way for students to demonstrate their depth of knowledge of a topic.  We developed a practice map on the topic of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics as these two basic concepts of reading foundational skills are still confused by educators. I found the Like Categories and Unlike Categories pushed our thinking more than the traditional Venn Diagram.  I look forward to incorporating this into further trainings. 
Small 252259aeb193d3b812e40c672c8d217e eeighmy 10 months ago

12/5-Concept Comparison training

The concept comparison routine is a wonderful way to be able to demonstrate how some components of a lesson, unit or even topic are both similar and different.  We often deal with a lot of confusion with phonics and phonemic awareness.  Our "practice map" was a wonderful way to demonstrate the difference. 

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Evidence of Concept Comparison Routine Training

Concept Comparison Routine

I attended a training at PATTAN Harrisburg on December 4-5,2018.
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Attended a SIM training at Pattan Harrisburg, PA. Trainers were Patty G. and Diane G.

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I learned about the routine on 12/5 in PATTAN. Concept Comparison is device which can be used to help students understand key concepts.

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Attended 2 -Day training on December 4th and 5th in Harrisburg as part of P2G with Diane Gillam and Patty Garner

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The Concept Comparison Routine is a learning strategy student's can use to assist with the key understandings.   The CCR strategy can be used at the start of end of lesson once concepts have been presented. 
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