Medium sim ce fidelity Concept Comparison Routine (FI)

Partner with an Active SIM PDer or Specialist

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Partner with an Active SIM Professional Developer or Specialist. Post the name of who you will partner with to complete the badge requirements. Visit to search for someone near you or contact for additional names (some people are not publicly listed).

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Diane Gillam and Patty Graner

Small profile pic loriannhoffman Over 1 year ago

P2G Diane Gillam Patty Graner

Small 3b6afc29 180f 4c22 94d5 1479de05efa3 colleen_erwin Over 1 year ago

Patty Garner and Diane Gillman

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Working with Erinn Green.

We have been working with Erinn Green for the past two years.
Small ea660d870d22b2bfce4a80d91d5f68a8 cfew1286 Over 3 years ago