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Partner with an Active SIM PDer or Specialist

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Partner with an Active SIM Professional Developer or Specialist. Post the name of who you will partner with to complete the badge requirements. Visit to search for someone near you or contact for additional names (some people are not publicly listed).

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Request for SIM partner

I would like to partner with Diane Gillam & Patty Graner (Active SIM Professional Developers).
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Patty Graner & Diane Gillam

PaTTAN training in December 2018. 
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Diane Gillam

Partnered via email communication 6/19/2019
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SIM for P2G

Trained by Diane Gillam and Patty Gramer.
D51c6169c9db9b36aef183d8ca3e37da?s=50&d=mm georgeb 10 months ago

Patty Grainer Diane Gilliam Work from IU 18 9/9/19

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SIM for P2G in PA

My trainers are Patty Graner and Diane Gilliam.
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Diane and Patti provided training

I attended the P2G trainings in Harrisburg. I attended Dec 2018 and April 2019 trainings. We also had a Western PA meeting at MCIU 4 on June 10th for a collaboration among IU's to plan and collaborate. 
Small photo jenniferkapusta About 1 year ago

Erinn Green and Hannah Sacra

Small ab6cfd8e26deba6b9674a46b1a8e0361 lmmurphybrown About 1 year ago

Christine Frawley TTAC is our specialist

Christine Frawley TTAC is our specialist
Small 9aa154478894bded4f3d6ea80c309a15 klball1 About 1 year ago

Christine Frawley TTAC is our specialist

Christine Frawley TTAC is our specialist
Small 36fa7e01878f62396a414b5c68a606d4 corryn1979 About 1 year ago

Sim Professional Developer

Lisa Atkins
Small f07c88fb179da4d42d4364e64e130e58 pattymandy3 About 1 year ago

Diane Gillam and Patty Grainer

Small capture2 agranata1 About 1 year ago