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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.

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Feedback from Diane Gillam regarding submission of Concept Comparison Routine

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Revised summary as requested from engaging with the coach. This was completed in April 2019 and submitting 10/30/19.

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Revised Summary 4/24/19

I reviewed the feedback from the checklist from Diane during our meeting in April 2019. I revised the checklist as requested. I uploaded the revised summary on 10/30/19.
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Patty's feedback

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Patty's Feedback

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Patty's feedback

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Discussed questions with Patty in Harrisburg April 23-25.

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Feedback and Follow-up

Coach's Feedback:

Feedback Reflection:
In reviewing my coach's feedback, I see where I may not have been as explicit as possible in discussing my expectations during the co-construction of the Concept Comparison Table; however, I did "informally" address this as I was passing out copies of the table. Furthermore, these students were used to co-constructing various Content Enhancement Routines so they did have background knowledge of the expectations during co-construction, thus I did not spend a great deal of time reiterating these. It also appears the video did not capture the complete review of the routine at the end of the co-construction. I do remember discussing with the students how they would use this routine both for the remainder of the current class period as well as in the coming days. (The teacher with whose class I worked to do this co-construction did email me later in the week saying her students frequently referred to the routine as they completed various review activities throughout the remainder of the week  and the students remarked the usefulness of their document.)
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My feedback from Patti was beneficial because I was not making the 1-1 connection between the characteristics and categories. I completely understand the value and am thankful for the feedback. 
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The SIM Professional Developers provided helpful feedback with their positive comments about how impressed they were with the outcome.

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SIM professional

Christine Frawley has been very helpful throughout the process. She has read our draft and provided instrumental feedback.
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SIM professional

Chris Frawley has been a great coach throughout the process.
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