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Required Evidence

Summarize (25 mins)

Why is it important for students to be globally competent? In order to answer this question, view this 18.5-minute video on why it is necessary to address global competencies in our classrooms. EDTalks: Dana Mortenson More Info

Reflect (10 mins)

Check out this infographic ( on developing global citizens. Reflect on at least one ah-ha and one concern. More Info

Apply (5 mins)

Watch this short video on the Me to We movement, sponsored by ( How can you inspire your students to become more globally aware? List some ideas you have be considering and/or may have tried and want to retool. More Info

Tools for Applying (20 mins)

Visit any of these sites to find the right-fit instructional tool that might support your global competency instruction: Blogging, Mystery Skype, ePals Think: What resource(s) best fit your teaching style, your students and your environment? What challenges do you see in implementation? Are there ot More Info

Badge Overview

Empathy begins with building connections. With students spending the majority of their day in the classroom, how do we design opportunities to reach beyond those walls and collaborate with others in their community, nation, and world?  The goal is to create an environment that incorporates cultural sensitivity and an understanding of how to interact with classmates (and later colleagues) from diverse backgrounds. We know schools cannot afford to physically immerse students into other cultures, but the influx of computers and tablets can create those opportunities virtually and in lessons that align with Common Core, NGSS, ISTE* S and other state standards. By the conclusion of this academy, participants will have access to online, web-based and free tools to use and share with colleagues that will facilitate communication and learning “beyond the walls”. 

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