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This badge covers follow-up procedures after a successful Hackathon. You must earn badges for both Hackathon I and II before proceeding.

Required Evidence

1) Managing action items

During the Hackathon, a series of specific follow-up tasks and higher-level themes should have emerged. Using Markdown, please list these action items, list candidates for carrying them out, and a tentative time to completion. More Info

2) Setting up a Waffle board

Using a Waffle board (, please attempt to set up a management system for outstanding action items. Waffle is integrated with Github, so focus on managing your repository accordingly. Submit a screenshot of the Waffle board populated with assigned tasks. More Info

3) Setting milestones for deliverables

Using the same Github repository as used in Evidence (2), please pick an action item and set a series of milestones. Pick an open issue and set a series of milestones in the appropriate Github repository. Submit a screenshot of the milestones tab populated with milestones. More Info

4) Publishing hackathon-related presentations

Collect all presentation and selected output files to publish on Figshare. Upload all files to a single submission and publish (e.g. acquire a doi). Please submit the URL that includes a doi for your archive. More Info

5) Post-event communication

Establish post-event communication using Gitter ( Create a conversation channel, and invite all participants to the channel. Kick things off with by posting a summary message with info about archived materials and action items. Please submit a link to the conversation channel. More Info

6) Lessons Learned

Reflect on your first hackathon. What kinds of things would you have done differently, and what topics not discussed would you have covered? Using Markdown, please write a long paragraph reflecting on your experiences. More Info

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