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Continue preparing for your first Hackathon! Badge prerequisite: you must have earned Hackathon I.

Required Evidence

1) Recruit participants to hackathon

Using Markdown, please present the following: 1) a recruitment "poster" that states what you want to do, where it will be happening (e.g. live stream address), and when it will be happening, and 2) set up an Eventbrite event (provide link). Additional graphics and design elements welcome! More Info

2) Prepare a short contribution to hackathon

Provide a link to a Power Point file (hosted at Google Docs) demonstrating one contribution to the upcoming Hackathon. You may use the OpenWorm Hackathon introduced in Hackathon I as a template. More Info

3) Prepare virtual whiteboard resources

Using "Web Whiteboard": create an account and submit a saved whiteboard with something drawn on it. More Info

4) Establish live stream for hackathon

Using a Whiteboard-enabled Google Hangout (, please establish a Hangout for your event with Whiteboard support and submit a link to the Hangout space. More Info

5) Establish Google Docs support for hackathon

Please set up a Google Docs repository for all non-code related documents. Please set up a folder with sharing permissions on and submit the link. Populate the folder with your Web Whiteboard .png file and a text file containing a URL to the Whiteboard-enabled Hangout. More Info

6) Prepare Github resources

Using your Github repository, add participants as collaborators. Using Markdown, please describe how this is done. More Info

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