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Learn how to host your own Hackathon! This badge is the first step towards organizing your own event.

Required Evidence

1) View previous OpenWorm Hackathon

Browse through this OpenWorm Hackathon from June 2015: Please list some of the activities that took place during this event. More Info

2) Establishing an agenda for hackathon

Read the following article: Please list what (in your opinion) constitute the 3-5 most essential features of a Hackathon. More Info

3) Establish a goal for hackathon

Using Markdown (, submit a plan for what you want to accomplish with your Hackathon. More Info

4) Establish web presence for hackathon

Establish a web presence for your Hackathon by creating a page and a blog post. Please provide a single link to both resources (one linked to the other). HINT: one should be used as a static resource, while the other as a a dynamic one. More Info

5) Schedule hackathon time and date

Build a Doodle poll ( to coordinate a common time and data with your primary attendees. Please provide a link to your poll with time zone support and a series of possible times and days. More Info

6) Advertise to social media

Advertise your hackathon to social media! You will use the same social media resources in Hackathon II. Submit a URL link to a tweet, Facebook post, or something equivalent to demonstrate this. More Info

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