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Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet tool that lets you create, update, and modify spreadsheets collaboratively with others.

Required Evidence

Create and share

[1] Title: Sheets Badge-First/Last Name [2] Fill column A, rows 2-6 with 5 of your favorite summer activities [3] Label A1: Summer Activities & B1: Total Days I Hope to do These Activities [4] Fill column B with data [5] Set Share settings to ‘On-Anyone with the link’ can comment [6] Paste the link More Info

Format your sheet

[1] Select Text wrapping for all cells [2] Set font & size that is appealing to you [3] Explore alignment of cells & choose one (left, center, right) [4] Choose headings in row 1-Fill with a color of your choice [5] Select all of your data & set Borders [6] Upload snapshot of your custom sheet More Info

Freeze and sort

[1] Freeze the first row in your sheet [2] Sort your data by Total days Z-A [3] As evidence, tell the number that is in cell B2 and what activity it represents More Info

Duplicate your sheet

[1] Duplicate Sheet 1 [2] Rename Sheet 1: Real Summer & rename Copy of Sheet 1: If Only [3] If Only sheet-change the Activities to things you wish you could do if time & money were limitless [4] Change numerical data to match Total Days for your new activities [5] Upload snapshot of sheet If Only More Info

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