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Google Classroom - Educators create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, facilitate discussions and see everything in one place.

Required Evidence

Create and share

[1] Create a class & Title it ‘Classroom Badge-First/Last Name’ [2] Select a theme or Upload a photo [3] Have a colleague or student join your class using the class code [4] Upload snapshot of Student list More Info

Create and post a welcome Announcement

[1] Upload either a link, file, video, or website to your Announcement [2] Add a Topic to your Announcement called ‘Welcome’ [3] Post your Announcement [4] Upload a snapshot of your Announcement More Info

Create and schedule a question

[1] Create a question for your students [2] Schedule your question to post in two days [3] Upload a snapshot of the scheduled post More Info

Draft an Assignment

[1] Provide a Title and Instructions [2] Upload a file from your Drive & Make a copy for each student [3] Set the Due Date and Topic [4] Upload a snapshot of your Assignment before Assigning or Saving as draft More Info

Allow and moderate comments

[1] Explore setting for allowing students to post and/or comment [2] Consider when and why you might choose the various setting [3] As evidence, tell your thoughts about allowing students to post and/or comment More Info

Compare and write

[1] Tell at least 3 differences in using a website, or another learning management system vs Classroom with students More Info

Badge Experts

Badge Learners