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Implemented a task in MiniScript on Rosetta Code.

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Implement a Rosetta Code task not previously implemented in MiniScript. Submit a link to the task you did. More Info

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Rosetta Code ( is a website that hosts many hundreds of little tasks, each implemented in hundreds of different languages.  Many of these have already been implemented in MiniScript, but there are many more tasks still to be done (

Create an account on Rosetta Code, if you don't have one already; pick a task that doesn't already have a MiniScript implementation; and implement it!
Remember that this site is used by curious language learners, so please follow proper MiniScript style:
  • Function and variable names should begin with a lowercase letter, and use camelCase as needed.
  • Class names should use CapitalizedCamelCase.
  • Parentheses should never be used on function calls with no arguments:Parentheses should also never be used with a command statement (i.e., when the function call is the entire statement, such as print).
  • Try to write solutions that are clear and simple.
  • Make good use of MiniScript's string, list, and map features (including slicing and replication). But always favor clarity over writing dense/obtuse code.
Submit a link to the task you implemented to earn this prestigious badge!

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